Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cowgirl Kim Unique Western Chic does it again

Pat Dahnke Corset
Native American Squash Blossom

Unique Western Chic

People always ask me about our jewelry and clothes and how I choose such unique items.  The jewelry I choose touches me emotionally and the clothes I select are timeless.  Native American Jewelry has a place in my heart and who couldn't love a piece such as the squash blossom design crafted by silversmith Rose Haley Long.  The vibrant coral and turquoise are a great addition to any outfit!  Imagine a beautiful corset like the Pat Dahnke Corset with the rich venetian lace. This timeless corset is a must have for any cowgirl to show off her jewelry and turn heads wherever she goes.  Pat Dahnke brings us back to the Old West and we can't help but think of romance and a little fun at the same time.   Another brand name we think of when we speak of romance, is Roja.  I especially love the simplicity, yet uniqueness, that Roja brings into every fashion piece whether it's a skirt, dress or blouse. 

Roja Cowgirl Fashion
Roja Georgette Blouse
Black as Crow Onyx Nested in Sterling Silver
Mike Thompson Black Onyx Necklace
The stunning black and white Georgette blouse caught my eye and made me think of a classic piece of art that will never go out of style.  This blouse can be worn with a long black skirt to make it a must have for any night out.  Each time you wear this blouse everyone will stop and take notice because it's both fashionable and absolutely stunning.  

Turn heads with this Michael Thompson Black Onyx necklace.  I can't turn away from Black Onyx and Michael Thompson.  With the addition of Navajo pearls and the sterling silver it's a jaw-dropping unique piece of jewelry that can be worn with just about anything in your closet. 

So, now you that you know how special these pieces are, you can get a sense of how unique and exceptional each and every product is I select in our store. Sometimes I get so emotionally attached and have to have them myself.  I know every girl can relate and if you feel as if you have to have one of our unique products then you know how I feel everyday.   It's like 'Love at First Sight'!

Catch some of our specials going on now and you will be swept away in a whirlwind of cowgirl dreams.......

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